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Flexible and integrated payment plans

PayMyTuition’s payment plans allow administrators to integrate installment payments in real-time with Student Information Systems (SIS). Students can setup automatic payments, check balances and monitor accounts from their all-in-one dashboard.

Full-service payment plans

Enhanced student experience

Enhanced student experience

Integrated online dashboards allow students to setup their personal payment plan, add authorized payees, setup personal alerts, and easily manage payment due dates.

Payment scheduling and automation

Offer students an enhanced user experience that eliminates the use of invoice-only payment plans and replaces them with a streamlined alternative that incorporates payment scheduling with automatic withdrawals.

Reduce workflow friction

Actively manage delinquent and aging payment plan transactions in one simple and easy-to-use online dashboard that updates transaction feeds in real-time.

Financial position detection

Our solution enables institutions to validate student information in real-time while simultaneously identifying bank account fund availability, removing instances of non-sufficient fund payments.

Promotion & adoption

To ensure students are aware of your new payment plan solution, we will work directly with your team to craft branded promotional student updates and notices.

Past due payment plans

Automated built-in communication

Manage past due payment plans and keep students on track with automatic alerts and notification emails offering payment options for unpaid balances.

Real-time integration

PayMyTuition’s payment plans let you create installment payments that integrate in real-time with Student Information Systems (SIS) incorporating automatic recalculation and real-time notifications.

All-in-one online dashboard

Our online 360° administration center allows you to manage all payments with real-time updates from a single location. Dynamic dashboards allow for rich features and built-in automation and reporting.

Our technology

We are focused on putting technology first!
  • Removing payment friction

    PayMyTuition removes the friction of making, processing, and posting payments for educational institutions through our deep and seamless integration capabilities.

  • Utilizing next-gen technology

    We develop industry leading technology and utilize the knowledge of our industry experts and partners to provide institutions with innovative solutions that solve complex payment processes.

  • The highest industry security standards

    PayMyTuition has robust, bank grade security standards. We undergo annual SOC II and PCI DSS reviews to help ensure that our partners are confident in the safety of our solutions.

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