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PayMyTuition’s international payment plans

An industry first, our international payment plans allow institutions to provide better funding options to international students in their local currency.

International payment plans

Multiple payment options

Institutions can offer payment plans to international students and authorized users using preferred local currency payment methods. Payers can select from 90+ global in-country payment options.

Held currency exchange rates

Currency fluctuation creates significant risk for students that can add thousands of dollars to outstanding tuition fees. PayMyTuition’s held rates feature offers a guaranteed rate to students protecting them from market volatility.

Student payment dashboard

PayMyTuition offers students an all-in-one dashboard to view past and upcoming payments, manage payment due dates, setup personal alerts and add authorized payees.

Financial position detection technology

PayMyTuition’s financial position detection technology validates account balance status in real-time while simultaneously identifying student account fund availability, all before accepting a payment.

24/7 multi-lingual support

PayMyTuition offers customer support in 15 different languages, 24/7. We take a different approach to customer support to ensure an exceptional payment experience.

Real-time integration

PayMyTuition’s payment plans integrate in real-time with Student Information Systems (SIS) incorporating automatic recalculation and real-time notifications. Students can also check balances and monitor accounts from their all-in-one dashboard from virtually anywhere in the world.

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